RARE Paris Moments, Anecdotes and fun facts

Hi dear friends! I had promised a second post with some more “personal” tales on my Paris adventures with my mom while attending RARE Paris! Here it comes with a collection of “moments”. Think about it like a photo album.   I love my mom! She is 79, always elegant and joyful! She finally learned […]

Blogging Bolder: Part 3: 101 guide to preparing and attending book signing!

Hello dear friends,   Here is another post in blogging bolder. Today I want to write about attending book signing/book bash/book event…. Why is it bold you say? Well because the event I attended is in another country for one so …travel and adventure.     Second because it was my first event and I […]

RARE London 2018: my first bookish event! What happened and how are my unicorn authors IRL?

I’m back from RARE London 2018!!! And I plan on liking and commenting on your posts later today! I will also write a “book convention 101” post hopefully today!   How was it? Fantastic! All that I could have wished for even if I did not get to meet every authors I planned BUT I […]