#BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 16 Latin

Book Boyfriend Challenge day 16 and we are going with Latin boyfriends!   You have the choice: European as in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian or South American as in Mexican, Bolivian, Columbian, etc.   Now when I read about Latin sorry but my European inheritance made me think “Italian” and from that word I went […]

#BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 7 Cowboys Yee haw!!!

#BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 7   Holy cow! Today’s flavor is cowboys! Yee haw!!!!   Not that I have read many books with cow boys but the one I’ve read made a lasting impression. So today I’ll go with a favorite trio of country men. You see I’m back from Colorado one of these States where rodeo […]

#BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 4: BDSM

It’s now day 4 of the #BookBoyfriendChallenge and it’s a HAWT DAY !!!!   Boyfriend of the day : The Masters, the Doms, the kinky… the BDSM heroes Ladies and Gents ! Prepare the cold shower and a second set of panties because… insta combustion 😊   Here is my top 5 BDSM Book Boyfriends. You can thank me […]

Day one of Book Boyfriend Challenge: Alpha Male YES or NO?

So as I said yesterday today begins the Book Boyfriend Challenge I’ll be taking part in. Go look at Night Owl Reader FB page or blog page as well.  Collector of Book Boyfriends is organizing it as well.     Today book boyfriend is about Alpha Male!!!!   First lets get back to basics. What […]