The Incredible Adventures of Vishous the Funko Pop ….or when the COVID played with my nerves

Hi friends! Today I am coming with another post about a custom funko pop but this will be slightly different. Yes you’ll have a step by step of how I did it but you’ll also get the backstage story of the idea behind the funko and the journey it went on!   Birth of an […]

Funko Pop 101 : How to make your own Hunt Athalar funko pop from Crescent City. Tutorial

Hi friends, As I am still going strong on making custom funko pop and people asked me to explain how I did this one, today I’ll share with you my “method” and tips and tricks to make a funko pop of Hunt Athalar, the angel from Crescent City.   I’ll brush over some steps as […]

DIY : How to make your own Custom Funko? Bookish Funko Pop 101

Hi friends, You may have noticed that since five weeks now I feature some funko pop that I have customized to make them look like my favorite bookish characters. Today I want to explain how you can make your own or at least, how I did it. As I see it, there are three options […]