Riot by Tillie Cole Big muscled and tattooed males

4 stars   Warning : If you don’t like grunting and fighting male. If you can only stand badass heroine fighting alone… This book will not be for you. BUT If you love big tattooed and scarred males, muscles bulging and fighting for their life, ready to kill anyone threatening their female. If you can commiserate […]

Fear Me by BB Reid Sinfully twisted and FREE on 01/26/2017

Fear Me by B.B. Reid         More than 5 mind fu***** stars!   WOW! This book blew me away. It is its own “genre”. Try Tijan (Fallon Crest High) meets Penelope Douglas (Bully) meets Pepper Winters/Belle Aurora (Indebted/Raw) meets Ker Dukey (Empathy) and you could have an idea.   It’s much more […]

Siren by Jaimie Roberts. Really dark, really controversial, really provocative. It’s a Take It or Leave It book you’ve been warned!

4 stars   I don’t know what to think of it, I’m still recovering and gathering my thoughts.   I don’t know if I must head to the nearest psych ward because this book was SICK with a big “S” and even if I thought stopping reading it about a million times I just couldn’t […]