#anatomyofabooknerd “How to be a booknerd 101” through hashtag Humor

Hi friends,   Today’s post is inspired by my creation of bookstagrams. I was ready to upload a picture after having written the caption. When I was choosing my hashtags it struck me that we could learn a lot about us, booknerds, just looking at the hashtags we use! More, I was thinking that often, […]

You are a blogger, a writer a … do you have a duty to SPEAK UP? Discussion

Hi friends,   I hesitated to post about today’s discussion topic as I guess I will get some heated comments back but I have never shied away from a good discussion so let’s delve into it.   What triggered today’s post was the death or rather ,the killing, of George Floyd and all the reactions […]

Why as a true bookworm I ALWAYS buy more books ….without guilt! #discussion #humor

Hi friends, Being on WordPress, Instagram and Goodreads I notice a common trend about us, bookworms: we ALWAYS buy more books! And sometimes we’ve been on such spree that we are forced to go on Book Ban! That’s a dreadful word that I loathe! Book ban? What’s that ridiculous word? Disney Princess GIF from Disney […]

Discussion: Blogging: What are you grateful for?

Hi dear friends, First of all: Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Living in Europe and being Christian, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I love the idea of being grateful for something and expressing my thanks! So today’s discussion is all about being grateful to be a blogger! What did and does blogging bring you? […]

Discussion: Plagiarism and copyright. When the literary world is abuzz.

Hi friends, It’s Thursday and today’s discussion has its roots in something I witnessed this week on Amazon when I wanted to write my review of the Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. Something that arrested me! I came across angry reviewers screaming of plagiarism! The root of the controversy is a book published about […]

Discussion: Let’s talk about book covers! What are the trends? Are they important? What are your favorites?

Hi friends, Today’s discussion post is all about book covers and  their power on us readers. I know it’s said not to judge a book by its cover but how many of you have never one clicked a book simply because you found the cover irresistible? Mmmmmh? No one? I know that I have several […]