Discussion: Can you hit a review slump and how do you get out of it?

Hi friends,   Long time without a discussion but today I have a short one for you because it’s bothering me a lot right now! Can you have review slumps???   We read everywhere people being in reading slumps.Nothing they read seems to catch their interest. I confess that so far I have never had […]

#anatomyofabooknerd “How to be a booknerd 101” through hashtag Humor

Hi friends,   Today’s post is inspired by my creation of bookstagrams. I was ready to upload a picture after having written the caption. When I was choosing my hashtags it struck me that we could learn a lot about us, booknerds, just looking at the hashtags we use! More, I was thinking that often, […]

You are a blogger, a writer a … do you have a duty to SPEAK UP? Discussion

Hi friends,   I hesitated to post about today’s discussion topic as I guess I will get some heated comments back but I have never shied away from a good discussion so let’s delve into it.   What triggered today’s post was the death or rather ,the killing, of George Floyd and all the reactions […]

Why as a true bookworm I ALWAYS buy more books ….without guilt! #discussion #humor

Hi friends, Being on WordPress, Instagram and Goodreads I notice a common trend about us, bookworms: we ALWAYS buy more books! And sometimes we’ve been on such spree that we are forced to go on Book Ban! That’s a dreadful word that I loathe! Book ban? What’s that ridiculous word? Disney Princess GIF from Disney […]

Discussion: Blogging: What are you grateful for?

Hi dear friends, First of all: Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Living in Europe and being Christian, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I love the idea of being grateful for something and expressing my thanks! So today’s discussion is all about being grateful to be a blogger! What did and does blogging bring you? […]

Discussion: Plagiarism and copyright. When the literary world is abuzz.

Hi friends, It’s Thursday and today’s discussion has its roots in something I witnessed this week on Amazon when I wanted to write my review of the Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. Something that arrested me! I came across angry reviewers screaming of plagiarism! The root of the controversy is a book published about […]