#BestBooksof2018 Day 2: Today it’s HOT! Best erotic. Blogmas

Hi dear friends,   Today is the second day of my #Bestbooksof2018 and if you want to play with me, even posting some days and not every day here again is the schedule with prompts 😀  If you could just place your url in the comments of the day I will go back visit you […]

Andre Undercover by Nikki Sex: Review of an erotic thriller.

Synopsis I’m just a small-town girl working undercover as a sex slave in order to expose an international human trafficking ring.Sounds crazy, right? But I’m not alone. The irresistible André Chevalier is with me. Psychoanalyst, philosopher, gentlemen, and friend—the Frenchman is to hot sex what crack is to an addict. I expected danger, risk, exploitation, […]

The Chateau by Tiffany Reisz: Review…and why do the “erotic” keyword only gives pic with women???

Synopsis THE CHATEAU: AN ORIGINAL SINNERS NOVEL As the Jack-of-All-Wicked-Trades for a secretive French military intelligence agency, 24-year-old Lieutenant Kingsley Boissonneault has done it all—spied, lied, and killed under orders. But his latest assignment is quite out of the ordinary. His commanding officer’s nephew has disappeared inside a sex cult, and Kingsley has been tasked […]

Blogmas Day 2: Bests of 2017: Erotic

Today’s choice is a hard one: Erotic! Years ago I’ve read FSOG (Fifty Shades of Grey) my first erotic series. Say all that you want but EL James opened a door and launched a trend in books. I read Captive in the Dark, Escape from Paradise, Gabriel’s Inferno, etc. But I kind of fell out […]