I gobbled up 1800 pages in 5 days. Double review. Binding 13 and Keeping 13 by Chloe Walsh

Synopsis Binding 13His first, last, and only true love has always been rugby. Until now.He wants to save her. She wants to hide. She’s damaged. He’s determined. Fate brought them together. Love binds them. Johnny Kavanagh has everything going for him. On the rugby pitch, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Primed for stardom, […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 14

Today’s topic is another of my favorite tropes in romance. Why? You will say that in high school there are cliques and petty people. It’s a difficult moment as hormones are raging (pimps too unfortunately) you make bad decisions as that boy you gave everything just crushed you heart soon after. So why bother right? […]