This is the end! Final part of James Cudney alias Jay’s Interview. Some fun today.

Hi dear friends! Final post for Jay’s interview today…. After having been grilled for a whole week Jay can finally have some fun!   Link to previous post ->HERE Some fun questions now. Favorite place to write? To read? Write: Dining room table. No distractions. Read: In bed. Favorite dish? Drink? Sushi. Champagne. Chocolate. Cheese. […]

Part 6 of James Cudney alias Jay’s Interview: how to build a diabolical plot!

Hi dear friends, We are nearly at the end of Jay’s interview!!!! When we FINALLY get a glimpse of Jay’s diabolical scheming mind! And …was it worth it or rather “much ado about nothing”?   Link to previous post ->HERE Another big skill is your scheming mind. I gushed about how you carefully and stealthily […]

4th post of James Cudney/Jay’s interview…cooking secrets writing secrets!

Hi dear friends, Thanks for being here again for Jay’s fourth part of his interview! Comparing his two books…how did Jay work his magic?   Link to previous post –> HERE How did you work for Watching Glass Shatter? Did you think the characters first? Had post it everywhere with their character’s trait? Did you […]

James Cudney alias Jay Interview Part 3: Jay the daredevil?

Hi dear friends! Third part of Jay’s fantastic interview!!! Jay the daredevil?   Link to previous post -> HERE    What triggered this leap of faith? Quitting what I guess was a well-paid stable job to live your dream? I have a very serious job, manage two teams and would love studying graphic design and […]

James Cudney alias Jay interview: Part Two. Did you know Jay nearly died at a tender age? No?

Hi dear friends! Second day of Jay’s interview! Find the previous part HERE   When Jay nearly died at a tender age …. And where he is sharing with us something very private about coming “out of the closet”… Respect Jay!   Could you write your most memorable moment so far? Again like a scene […]

Interview of an Brilliant Mastermind: James Cudney alias Jay: Part 1

Dear readers, Prepare to be knocked off your socks!!!!!   Why? Because James Cudney alias Jay author of Watching Glass Shatter and Father Figure agreed to asnwer my questions and, true to his writing, delivered a masterpiece! He tells you ALL, the naked truth! And he played my game: writing some parts like he would […]