Books I have the hots for! September till December 2018.

Hi dear friends, For weeks I’ve seen bloggers sharing their “I want to read” lists and I just wanted to kick myself because, of course, this is interesting! Mind you thanks to their lists I must have added at least 6 books to my TBR. My heart is very happy my wallet ….not so much! […]

So many great books in January 2017! My personal choice if I had unlimited budget and 48 hours a day.

There are so many fantastic books published this month.   Let’s dream! We’re readers after all so we’re used to live in a fantasy universe… Say I have unlimited budget and 48 hours a day to read.   My “flavor” of the month would look like that:

My 5 stars and more for 2016

 If you want to know all about the most FABULOUS books I’ve read this year, all 5 stars and more just follow the link! Goodreads 2016   No more excuses if you’re in a book slump you now have your next read.