Emma Scott shares a beautiful and tender poem with us in our #RomanceLoveCelebration. Once again I am in awe!

Hi dear friends, Today in Romance and Love Celebration I am overjoyed to host Emma Scott! You all know she is one of my unicorn authors and I still have to read one of her books that did not touch me deeply. That woman has a bright soul and is a modern warrior. She has […]

Angy from Collector of Book Boyfriends talks about Where Is The Love today on #RomanceLoveCelebration

Hi dear friends, Today in our Romance and Love Celebration I am very happy to welcome my partner in crime alias Angy (Angelica) from Collector of Book Boyfriendsi Angy is that person who took a leap of faith and created our Facebook Group Beware, Book Boyfriends Alert! with me. She had no idea who she […]

Kate Stewart shares with us her own personal love story in #RomanceLoveCelebration ! Thank you Kate!

Hi dear friends, Another personal post today from the fantastic romance author Kate Stewart! Maybe you already know her or you recall my review of Hartebreak Warfare (this book made it on my Bests of 2018 list) she co-wrote with Heather M Orgeron? Anyway Kate writes stories that grip you by the guts and never […]

A Romance Blogger gets creative today in #RomanceLoveCelebration! Trisy has written a touching scene from her wedding! Out of her comfort zone!

Hi dear friends,   When I launched the idea of hosting posts from bloggers and authors to celebrate romance and love, I had no idea what some of you would send. Honestly I am humbled by all that you chose to share and today I am floored by Trisy’s choice! If you know her you […]

Scoop from Leylah Attar today for our #RomanceLoveCelebration! She shares some quotes of her WIP (Work In Progress) for the first time and offers a #Giftcard

Hi dear friends, Today in Romance and Love Celebration I have the honor to welcome Leylah Attar!!!! If you don’t know her already read her bio below but know that she wrote her latest book Mists of the Serengeti in 2017 (it was a five stars for me) and before she published a book every […]

Alexandra Wolfe shares with us the song she fell in love with as a kid! #RomanceLoveCelebration

Hi dear friends, Today we host an hybrid well not really but Alexandra Wolfe is a blogger AND a writer 😀  I came to know Alexandra when she began commenting religiously on my blog. As my mom raised me to be polite, I visited her blog and was soon charmed by Alexandra’s wit, no nonsense […]