CLOSED International Giveaway: Two SIGNED books by Emma Scott for One Winner! Ends April 15th 2 PM EST

GIVEAWAY INTL : 2 SIGNED books 1 WINNER   CLOSED winner in the comments!!! ⁣ Emma Scott has been really generous with me at RARE Paris and she gave me these two signed books to give to one lucky winner!⁣ In Harmony AND How to Save a Life will be send to someone drawn at […]

When you have real crappy days and then… signed books land in your mail plus THE ARC you were hoping for!

Short post ahead here.   Yesterday was a really bad day. Not a lethal one but still one you can’t wait to see the end of because NOTHING goes accordingly to plan. Everyone has one or two each year and yesterday was my turn. It began with a sleepless night due to huge pain from […]