#T4AuthorsChallenge: Suanne Laqueur: shelfie

Hi dear friends,   It’s already the last day of my gushing about Suanne’s books ….fro now (don’t cry Suanne I promise you’ll be back in a not far future especially with your next book incoming… hopefully LOL). So today is easy this is a shelfie! I own nearly everyone of her books be it […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge: Suanne Laqueur: Favorite quote

Hi dear friends, Sixth day of Suanne Laqueur today in the challenge organized by Collector of Book Boyfriends and Totally Bex. Topic of the day: favorite quote. Singular. Well I am feeling rebellious today as I can’t choose only one quote. It’s simply impossible as Suanne writes too beautifully. So here are SOME among my […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge: Suanne Laqueur. And my favorite book is …A Charm of Finches!

Hi dear friends! Fifth day with Suanne Laqueur for this top 4 authors challenge organized by Collector of Book Boyfriends and Totally Bex! We get to the nitty gritty. To the juicest part: my favorite book! Suanne wrote many fantastic books so far. There isn’t one that I didn’t like. BUT There is one extra […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge : Suanne Laqueur: Favorite female character … Valérie Larks

Hi dear friends, In this fourth day of Top 4 Authors Challenge I will speak about my favorite female character written by Suanne Laqueur. Well this is HARD! Suanne writes fantastic characters but honestly the men tend to stick in my mind longer than the women. I could have chosen Daisy but what she did […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge: Suanne Laqueur: Favorite Male Character….Jav of course! Calling dibs

Hi dear friends, Third day of my “I gush about Suanne Laqueur”s week. This Top 4 Authors Challenge is being organised by Collector of Book Boyfriends and by Totally Bex!Today’s topic is favorite male character. Suanne is one of the rare female authors writing fantastic male POV so the choice is difficult BUT my favorite […]

Top 4 Authors Challenge: Suanne Laqueur : First Book Read

Hi dear friends, As promised I am back this month with a daily challenge about my Top 4 Authors (it’s like pulling teeth to only choose four so I think you’ll have a fifth week and six week with my contemporary adult then YA fantasy favorites as well). This challenge is organized by Collectors of […]