March TBR … How so it’s already one week in the month??? And your point is?

Hi friends, I KNOW that there is already one week gone this month but as time is flying by between Corona virus crisis, helping friends to write their book and making funko pop well, I had no time to post this! Anyway as usual this is a tentative TBR as it will depends of: -Some […]

July TBR … Or when the better intentions will be tested again!

Hi dear friends! I know we already are one week into July but I still wanted to post a TBR. I usually am very bad at following TBR as I am a moody reader but this one is part ARC (no choice but to read them), part YALC read (same here if I want to […]

November TBR: a mix of Ya and NA, contemporary and fantasy

Hi dear friends,   Todays is the time to share my November TBR. This is a mish mash of young adult and adult, contemporary and fantasy. Some are ARCs and don’t show on the picture below, some are already read (we are already November 7th) and others you can find them here below.   E-books […]

Septembre TBR …may the gods of ARCs be with me!

Hi dear friends, Time to try a September TBR post here. Try being the key word as these last months two phenomena seem to happen: 1) Authors postpone their book release and their ARC are rescheduled. Hence blogger reschedule too or let them go but as I request few ARCs and only those I really […]

August TBR …Sleep? Who needs sleep when there is books to read!

Happy Friday dear friends!   I am still working like mad to write all my reviews, posts and bookstagrams before going back to work on Monday!   We are in August already and it’s time for a tentative TBR!   August will be HOT!  Many ARCs that I expected in July have been delayed and […]

May TBR: a mix of adult and young adult

Hi dear friends! Still trying to catch up with all my posts. This will be my second monthly TBR and April was not too far from what I had planned so …why not right? I have already read some books this month so I won’t add them to my “TBR” In Young Adult fantasy I […]