Top 5 Tips to Attend or Volunteer to a Book Event! Or Sophie’s bout of Wisdom after her RARE Paris (and London and YALC) adventure!

Hi dear friends! Today Shanah @bionicbookworm gave us a day off from Top 5 Tuesday but as I promised the tale of my adventures at RARE Paris I thought I would begin with my best tips! You will get a second post in the coming days about anecdotes of my experience at RARE Paris.   […]

Bookstagrams 101 Part 1: Why and how to begin on Instagram

Hello dear friends,   Today will maybe be rehash for some of you if you follow Evelina at Avalinahsbook as this post was already published with some variation some weeks ago. It was part of “NewBloggers101” series. BUT If you don’t follow her I thought useful to share it here too. This post will be […]

Blogging Bolder 3 : Tips for interviewing these gods I name authors

One year of blogging and looking into the rear-view mirror. Some weeks ago I began this post series about what blogging brought in my life. Twelve months after I can definitely that I am a changed person. So far I spoke about using Photoshop (Post HERE) and connecting with other people (post HERE)   Today […]

When my blogging adventure suddenly looked like some Disney Movies… The wonders and traps of blogging.

This morning when I woke up I had the sudden realization that my blogger life was more and more looking like Disney Movies. So let me explain why I suddenly feel a kinship with these fictional characters now that I’ve begun the blogging adventure and had to thwart some of its traps.   My first […]