My top unputdownable reads! Top 5 Tuseday …on a Wednesday due to a killer migraine!

Hi dear friends! I already want to apologize to Shanah @bionicbookworm and all participants of Top 5 Tuesday first, for being late in posting this week and second, because you’ll have to wait some more hours before I’ll be able to visit and comment on your own unputdownable books! It’s no secret that I don’t […]

My list of favorite books with magic and magical creatures! Top 5 Tuesday

Hi dear friends! Today is top 5 Tuseday and I confess that I was a little bit puzzled at today’s topic as Shanah, from @bionicbookworm, asked us to talk about our favorite magical creatures. I read lots of books with magic but I don’t think a lot about magical creatures nor know all about their […]

Top 5 Books I want to reread. Nice and easy today as I am away!

Hi dear friends! Today I am not home but I’ll be sleeping at the hotel and training hard the whole week! So I had to schedule most of my posts this week hence my choice to keep this Top 5 Tuesday nice and easy. When Shanah @bionicbookworm asked us about our top 5 re read […]

What sequels are you dying to read??? Here are my Top 5 on this Tuesday!

Hi dear friends! For our last Tuesday of April Shanah @bionicbookworm asked us about our top 5 sequels we need to get to! Just to be clear: books written around the same bunch of characters but each independent from the others are not sequels but stand alone. First why or when would you want a […]

Top 5 (and more) mind blowing thriller/mystery. Or when Sophie has to dig deep to please diabolical Shanah …once more!

Hi dear friends, Today is Tuesday and no the sky did not fall: I am posting quite early in the day for once!   You can thank Easter weekend with one extra day off work for my unusual planning skill! Add to it that I read today’s topic would be thriller/mystery and I just knew […]

Weather man or Nostradamus? My top 5 stars predictions today!

Hi dear friends, Today is top 5 Tuesday and with Shanah’s topic of the day I wonder if I’ll be Nostradamus or rather the weather man (woman). In other words will I be spot on or completely wrong in my 5 stars prediction? My year began great with many 5 stars but recently I have […]