Unicorn Authors Series #3 : Cassandra Clare. My top 5 books

Third week of unicorn authors series and I promised a change of genres for this week! Let’s delve into YA fantasy with the amazing Cassandra Clare!   I fell into the Shadowhunters world many years ago with The City of Bones. I recall seeing one of my friends on the train busy reading it and […]

Unicorn Author series #2. Amy Harmon. My top 5 books by Amy Harmon

Hi friends, This is the second post of my weekly series about my unicorn authors and my favorite books they wrote. This week is yet another romance author but next week I swear you’ll get another genre for a change! This will again be no surprise for many of you but I chose Amy Harmon […]

Unicorn author series #1 : Emma Scott. My top 5 books by Emma Scott

Hi friends, I’ve been in a funk these last days and I thought that getting back to my roots would help me get my blogger mojo back! And what better way than to create a weekly series about my unicorn authors, the ones that I will one click the second I learn they have a […]

RARE London 2018: my first bookish event! What happened and how are my unicorn authors IRL?

I’m back from RARE London 2018!!! And I plan on liking and commenting on your posts later today! I will also write a “book convention 101” post hopefully today!   How was it? Fantastic! All that I could have wished for even if I did not get to meet every authors I planned BUT I […]