All About Love Day 4: Malene Bad and Dirty Books with Giveaway

Hello Ladies and Gents,   On our fouth day (already!) of All About Love we have Malene blogger extraordinaire @badanddirtybooks who chose to share how her love of romance books led her to blogging. Thing she never thought possible! And how incredible the blogger community is. She is so generous that she added a giveaway […]

All About Love Day 3: Sonya Chatterbooks post

Hi Ladies and Gents, I hope that you are enjoying our daily posts celebrating love this month! Today’s contribution comes from a dear blogger friend Sonya @chatterbooks book blog She chose to speak about her favorite couple in romance. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! Thank you Sonya! Over the past […]

All About Love Day 2: Leylah Attar ‘s gift

Ladies and Gents,   Leylah Attar has been so generous to participate in our All About Love event! I love Leylah’s stories and featured her latest book Mists of the Serengeti in my “Bests of 2017” blog posts. If you follow Leylah you should know that she posts either fantastic places all around the world […]

All About Love Day 1: Tale of Tinkerbell and Cocky Guy

Hello ladies and gents,   Today is the first post of the daily event “All About Love” and I chose to open the ball as today is my husband’s birthday! As a thank you to my husband who’s been living with me for 24 years through high and low I’d like to tell you our […]