When it rains …it pours! Quand il pleut il drache. The Sunday Post 07/19/2020

Hi friends,

Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .

In my private life

As you may have guessed from today’s title and my hints at wet weather, this week as been ….one of these weeks!


I should have guessed it would be full of inconveniences when my washing machine broke down on Monday!

If there is one modern appliance that certainly allowed women’s lib it’s the washing machine!!!!

When you are a family of four and do sports, the pile of dirty clothes is growing by a mile every day! If we had to wash everything by hand, we’d never have time to go work oustide. Or we’d be sleep deprived…


Then on Tuesday, we realized that the car I inherited for my dad should have been sent to the annual mandatory control (I don’t know how you call it in English when the government asks of you to present your car yearly to an official station and check that everything is running smoothly) months ago!

Usually, you get a reminder some weeks before your time comes to an end to present your car only …we didn’t get such paper!

Sadly, the paper is rather considered as a courtesy and we should have known better….

As we rarely used that car as we already have two others, we never realized!!!

To sum it up: we can’t drive with it until our booked control (in…August!) and we’ll have to pay a big fine ! 😥 

For someone who prides herself to always pay the bills on time and walk the line, I feel ASHAMED!

Then I learned that the little baby bird I saved last week and drove to a shelter didn’t make it and died a few days after!


It was followed with me not being chosen as rep for Illumicrate (and yes I know this is silly but I can’t help it) when I had hopes that , this time, it would be it (nope, re nope).


To top everything, we learned that Fairyloot had been victim of a malware and they advised their clients (me among many others) to block their credit cards as informations about cards had been stolen. Several customers reported fraudulent operations…

I checked and didn’t spot any anomaly but, to be on the safe side, I blocked and cancelled my card!!!

That means that right now, I don’t have any valid payment method on several online sites like ….Amazon and Audible as they don’t allow Paypal!

With the COVID, I don’t know how long it will take for my card to make its way to me!


Last but not least, we have an increase in COVID cases in some parts of the country and we are waiting for government’s decisions today. Sigh.


I told you, it pours!



I have decided that it was enough and fate had its fun with me but that would stop right now! And next week will be better.

It already began this morning with two other bloggers brainstorming with me to plan something fun for August.

But if you want to send some positive vibes my way, feel free 😀 


On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

Only one review this week but I have read two books (the other one will come tomorrow) and …what a book!!!!

The Empire of Gold by SA Chakraborty deserves all the stars!


On Monday you got my second post about a unicorn author and this time, it was Amy Harmon in the spotlight! If you want to know why you should read her books, just click on the graphic!


On Tuesday, it was all about Ten Books that made me smile!


On Friday, in the face-off, we talked about covers with someone holding an object.

On the blogosphere and literary world

Epic Reads has a quiz based on your “One Direction” opinion and tells you what reading genre you are (Greg, I wonder what your results would be ) 😀 

Click on the graphic below to take the quiz


And …they nailed my results for that quiz as I got:

“You’re a romance!

You like the sweeter things, and that would be reflected in the pages of your life story! So whether more of your chapters are filled with the sweetest thrills or painful heartbreak, you’d bare it all with impressive vulnerability.”


Katie explains how she manages to read many books at the same time

How I went from reading one book at a time to approximately 5 million



That was my week in a coconut! How was your week? Better I hope?

Thanks for reading



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49 Replies to “When it rains …it pours! Quand il pleut il drache. The Sunday Post 07/19/2020”

  1. Aw sorry you had a rubbish week. That means you’ll be due an awesome week soon right??

  2. Ugh, that was a week of suck! I really hope that this week has been much much kinder to you.

    (We call the annual car check an MOT in the UK 🙂 )

  3. Wow! What a week, Sophie. I do hope that things got better since then. That really was one unfortunate event after another!!! 🙁 On the bright side, you got us and we can be happy together! 😀

    1. Exactly Lashaan! I got you :-))))) And yes this week is better, pfew!

  4. What a week! I hope this one would be better!!

    1. It is luckily Susy!

  5. Oh damn that’s a hell of a week. I hope it gets better soon! In the UK we call the annual test an MOT (which stands for Ministry of Transport, so it should be MOT test but not many call it that) and omg when washing machines break down not only is it one of the biggest inconveniences but they normally make a huge mess!!

  6. Firstly- this translation in the title looks very odd to me as I never even SEEN that word before ‍♀️ But that could be a regional thing- I would’ve had said something like « quand il pleut.. c’est l’averse! » which sounds so much better to me ahah

    Ohhh no- what an awful week it was indeed :/ you’re right though, it can only gets better from now! Xx hang in there, friend!

    1. Hahaha “dracher” est à mon avis typiquement belge Kristina! Meaning indeed pouring LOL

      1. Ah! Well that’s why i’m on the complete other side of the world rofl

  7. Wow, that was a week, I had one like that in late February, it sucks but the following week was much better!!

    My husband is waiting to get his van MOT’d, I wonder if that is the same thing, it has to be done every year on older cars, of course with coronavirus he really needs it done now but nowhere is ready to do it yet.

    Hope next week is better for you!

    1. Yes that’s the same thing Heather! And thank you!

  8. A week to forget, indeed! Or better, to erase from the calendar!
    Let’s hope that the one that just began will compensate you for all the negative events of the past one!

    1. Fingers crossed Maddalena!!

  9. Stephanie - Bookfever says: Reply

    As you know I also blocked my card but haven’t been able to get a new one yet. At least I can’t buy any books without it so yay for saving money LOL

    1. We are on a forced book ban Stephanie LOL

  10. What a week you had, Sophie! So sorry to hear about the bird. Sending positive vibes your way and hope things are on the upswing for you.

    1. Thank you Teri!

  11. Rachel @Waves of Fiction says: Reply

    We don’t have mandatory control for cars here, but we probably should. There’d be less accidents I think. We saw a bunch of broken down cars on our car trip home from up North today. Bummer about the inherited car, but stuff like that happens. What can you do? No shame, Sophie! No one is perfect. 🙂

    1. Thank you Rachel!!

  12. Oh my, Sophie, what a terrible week. I really hope this week is much better for you. Sending all the good vibes your way!

    1. Thank you Suzanne!

  13. Wow, you did have a bad week. I hope this one is better!

  14. Oh yes, it’s always something. We have to get cars and motorcycles tested every year here in NC and my renewal for the Harley is December. I always leave it go until the last minute and then it’s cold. In MN we didn’t have to do that at all. I hope the washers fixed and you’ll have a much better week. I think the boring weeks are fine. At least, we have great books to read. Have a lovely week. Stay safe and be kind.

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    1. Thank you Anne!

  15. Oh you did have a week of bad! Here in the US, in some places, you have to take your car in for an environmental check. However, I don’t think there are many places left that do that. Maybe California. I always forget about getting our plates renewed until the last minute!
    The cases of COVID in the US have been on the rise for awhile. Its kinda crazy!
    I had to stop entering rep searches because my ego can’t take the hit!! I’m too sensitive!

    I’m sure this week will be better! Hugs!

    1. Well maybe I should stop entering rep searches Samatha!

  16. What a tiring stressful week you have had….how are you dealing? Sending happy vibes and prayers your way this week. This whole covid thing is insane and it just makes me appreciate the simple things in life much more. Hope it dies down soon like some experts say might be happening. (crossing fingers on that)

    1. Yes all the things we took for granted Renee!

  17. Oh, no! Well, they say bad things come in threes, so you should be good for a while 🙂

    1. I hope too Jacquie!!!

  18. Yikes Sophie! I hope this week goes much better.

    1. Thank you Kim!

  19. Oh wow what a crappy week. Its just 1 thing after another. *SINGS* Thiiiiiings can only get better!

    Here we call the annual check on cars an MOT test (ministry of transport) and I think we get reminders…..I’d better check!!!

    1. Well yes that was a crappy week Caro!

  20. You did have a “week”. I lease my car, since I don’t drive much, and I get a new one every 3 years. Because of that, I never have to remember to get my car inspected, but I know there was a big thing here with the agency being closed for so long. I think they gave out a lot of extensions. I am sorry you didn’t get chosen as a rep (and yes, you are allowed to feel disappointed). I hope this upcoming week is better for you. ((HUGS))

    1. Well I lease my own car too Sam, that’s why it didn’t ring any bell for my dad’s car …

  21. Urg! What a week… When the washing machine goes down, it HURTS. And in the UK that yearly inspection for older cars is called an MOT and as they’ve gone paperless (there used to be a handy little licence that was displayed on the inside of the windscreen) it’s MUCH harder to keep track of when it’s due. That situation with your father’s car wouldn’t have been possible, for starters. I HATE the new system!

    Hoping the coming week is a HUGE improvement! And that your bank card comes through really fast…

    1. Thank you!!!!

  22. Holy cow Sophie! Talk about you having the week from hell! I’m the states it’s called a yearly inspection. Hang in there and I hope this week is better for you!

    1. It is Susan thank you!

  23. Wow, Sophie, that sounds like the ultimate week from hell. I would have blown a gasket, so sorry about the washing machine and being fined over the car. That’s your finances taking a big hit just there. Thankfully, it wasn’t a triple whammy with your credit cards, that would have nailed it for me, And now, having to wait for new cards kind of puts a dent in it.

    Add to that everything else we’re all dealing with, I think you’re staying focused on the things you can control, like exercise and getting out, a positive. Hang in there, I know what you are going through.

    1. Thank you Alexandra! That’s what I am doing 😉

  24. Jesus girl, that was one hell of a week. I’m sending all the positive vibes the Italian sun can gather to dispel all that rain.
    We a mandatory control in Italy too. Usually the car tell you, like the display says: hello, I need to get my annual check up.

    1. Well I wish my car had spoken Talia LOL

  25. Oh wow, you had a week I hope this coming week is better. We don’t have a “control” for cars in the U.S. like you do, but we do have to get our older cars smog tested every two years in order to get our car registration renewed. Good luck this week!

    1. Thank you Tammy!

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