When work is exhausting…The Sunday Post 10/24/2021

Today is Sunday time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week . I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer .


In my private life

I realize that I often post these Sunday updates every two weeks now. Even more shameful, I only reply to comments on the weekend!!!!

It seems that on the weekend I have all the time (well after doing chores and sleeping of course) and I can finally engage with other bloggers. On Monday I still try to do it and on Tuesday as well and then comes Wednesday and …everything peters out!

Honestly work is brutal at the office.

What’s good is that we have so many new clients but what’s bad is that it creates a huge amount of workload and we can barely follow.

I am at that point where I don’t choose between the “urgent and important” above the “urgent but not important” or “important but not urgent” but I choose between all the “urgent and important”!!

It’s so bad that on Thursday night I woke up at 3:30 AM terrified about how to handle the day after!

And that’s just not me!


Or at least, it’s not been me for years now.


Suffice to say that I’ll be very happy to have a three weeks break at the beginning of November to get some peace of mind again.

Maybe then I’ll be able to answer swiftly and blog hop daily!

But I’ll also ditch the classic editor for the block editor and I hope that won’t break my website 😀

In the grand scheme of life, that would not be life threatening and I bet I could count on my supertechie of a husband to help me. I’d just have to cook some chocolate cake to pay him back 😆


Now to make you smile maybe, as usual here are my latest Instagram reel.. It’s for a book tour but also a true story 😉 I hope you enjoy!


On the blog these last two weeks (click on the graphic to read the post)

These last two weeks I have posted five reviews but have in fact read 8 books! I guess I’ll make a bundle of mini reviews with these last three as I didn’t like one and just “liked” the others so I didn’t bother writing a whole lot about them seeing my very busy schedule !






Thanks for reading!



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40 Replies to “When work is exhausting…The Sunday Post 10/24/2021”

  1. Hope work calms down soon for you, Sophie! It sure does sound urgently important! 😉

    1. Well this past week has been hell but now I have some time off work so yay!

  2. I hope that work settles down for you! I can understand how frustrating it must be!

    The Block Editor!!!! AHHH!!! Maybe I will have to get some tips from you someday if I break free, but I am hanging onto that classic editor for as long as I can. lol 🙂

    1. Well I’ll take the plunge today so… 🙂

  3. Sending all the hugs for all of the work stress! Here’s hoping you work load gets less, hugs hugs hugs! Thinking all the happy thoughts that this next week is easier, fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you Jen!!!

  4. Hooray for the time off just around the corner. Sounds like it’s coming just in time!

  5. I’m sorry about the work stress, Sophie! I can relate, as work has been crazy here too and in the evenings I’m usually too exhausted to do much of anything. Hope your 3 weeks off will be great to recharge! Also, good luck with the block editor! (I’m using it for a few months and though a little confusing at first, I kind of prefer it now…)

    1. I will try it today Lindsey and…we’ll see LOL

  6. Work has been like that for me too lately and I’ve pretty much done the same thing with blogging. Monday and Tuesday I’m good and then I crash and burn after work everyday for the rest of the week. Here’s hoping we both get a nice break soon.

    1. That’s what I wish Suzanne!

  7. I am so sorry to hear that work has been exhausting you so much, it can definitely be a highly stressful environment. Hope things calm down for you soon. Good luck ditching Classic editor. If I could do it completely I would too.

    1. I will try it in a few hours/minutes Renee!

  8. Sorry about the work stress. I do the exact same thing with comments! I think, “I’ll wake up early and reply to blog comments before work.” That lasts about 2 days. Then I’m back to not commenting. Enjoy your time off!

  9. Sorry work is so stressful right now, Sophie. Hope your three week break lets you slow down and take care of yourself.

    1. I am sure it will Teri!

  10. Oh my! Having to choose between different – but equally important – levels of “urgent” is indeed nightmarish and I’m not surprised that you woke up in a panic in the middle or the night! That vacation sounds like quite timely… 😉

    1. It si Maddalena!

  11. Oh man you are better than me at replying to comments! I need to get better at being more timely 🙂

    1. And suddenly I feel better Mogsy 🙂

  12. Work sounds so stressful! I’m sorry, I’ve been there too. You’re lucky to have three weeks off, enjoy!

  13. Rachel @Waves of Fiction says: Reply

    It’s hard for me to blog during the week, too. I get Fridays off so I end up catching up then and on the weekend. Hope things ease up for you! And yeah for super helpful, techie smart husbands! I have one, thank goodness! Have a good week, Sophie! 🙂

    1. Thank you Rachel!

  14. Work can be stressful but I sympathize with waking up with stress. And I’m the same way with blogging- I do a lot early in the week seems like and then towards the end of the week I feel like I’m going AWOL!

    Be well this next week!

    1. Thank you Greg!

  15. I will count down to your time off along with you. I think you will do fine with the block editor. I found it easy to use.

    1. We’ll see that in a few hours/minutes Sam 😉

  16. I hope things get better at work. I am super jealous you have some time off coming up. I feel like Christmas Break is SO FAR AWAY!

    1. I feel you Samantha!!!

  17. Sorry work has been so stressful! I hope things ease up a bit and you get to enjoy your time off!

  18. Don’t work yourself to the bone, okay, Sophie, we love you too much to lose you to exhaustion! Take care.

    1. Thank you Alex!

  19. I’m sorry work has you in such a crunch, Sophie. Maybe unplugging in November would help {{hugs}}

    1. I hope so Jacquie!

  20. I know just how you feel and I think the surreal times we are living in adds to our exhaustion and anxiety. I also have trouble concentrating, like I have brain fog. Hang in there, Sophie.

    1. Thank you Laura!

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