#BestBooksof2018: Day 17: New Author read in 2018 Jewel E. Ann Blogmas

Hi dear friends,


Seventeenth day of #BestBooksof2018 already!

Topic of the day: new author read in 2018.


When I perused my shelves I realized that I have read lots of new authors in 2018. Not as in “first book published by this author” but “first time I have read this author”.

Many were wonderful discoveries and already made it or will make it on my Blogmas list like Heather Demetrios, James Cudney, Laura Thalassa, Helen Hoang, Victoria L James, Jay Kristoff, Rachel Caine, Delia Owens and many others!


My choice of the day is due to one of my very good friends: Melanie.

She was raving for years about Jewel E Ann, telling me how great and fun she was. That I HAD to read her books because they were simply fantastic.

So when I had the opportunity to review one of her ARCs I did not hesitate and dove right in!

Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann has been everything that I wished for and even more!

I love character driven stories and this was one of these with exceptional characters.

This story has everything I love: humor, deep and complicated feelings, a hot hero seemingly grumpy but melting under the heroine’s touch, an autist kid and a fantastic heroine.

Jewel made me feel so many emotions but always with a fun banter. If you follow her on Facebook or Instagram you will discover someone highly spontaneous, someone who loves to laugh at herself and always come up with crazy antics. She is truly unique and never boring that I can guarantee!


Right when I am writing this post I am busy reading another of her ARCs due next month: A Place Without You and I can tell you that I already love it. The main female character is once again so unique!


And if you are not convinced yet just go to Goodreads and read some reviews of her Transcend duet (Transcend and Epoch)!

My friend Malene from Bad & Dirty books wrote :

How do you do it Jewel E. Ann? Every book of yours is a treasure. Unique.
I never know what I’m going to get when I start to read the first page of one of her books. What I do know and haven’t been wrong so far is her characters and stories are compelling and always leaves me wanting more and it’s the same with Transcend. This plot is so fascinating and something I’ve been thinking about too but now even more so after finishing Transcend. The reason I’m so vague about the plot is I don’t want to ruin it. I want the reader to go in blind just like I did and just revel in the story and enjoy the remarkable Swayze.

You can read her whole review HERE.


So that’s why I chose Jewel as my favorite “new author read in 2018”!


Who would you choose as your new author read in 2018?


Once again thanks for reading!




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8 Replies to “#BestBooksof2018: Day 17: New Author read in 2018 Jewel E. Ann Blogmas”

  1. I always find it so hard to choose favourites so I understand why you have a runner’s up list at the beginning of the post! Laura Thalassa is definitely one that would be on my list too, and I loved Pierce Brown as well.

  2. I haven’t read anything by this author. I haven’t even heard about her books. I will have to check her out and pick up a copy. I changed my topic for this day into one more fitting for me.


  3. Ooh, SM Wilson, Ryan Graudin, Matthew Reilly, Jeff Menapace, Ernest Cline, Martha Wells, PA Glaspy…argh too many to choose from!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Bwahahaha I know the choice is hard sometimes 😉

  4. YES, YES, AND YES! I absolutely love her writing and am so happy to have found her this year. Look the Part was amazing and I need to read Transcend and Epoch too. I also met her at Book Bonanza, and she is a complete doll in person! Excellent choice Sophie!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Daisy! And I am so happy that you love her too!

  5. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve never read this author! I’ve heard of her books but not had a chance to pick one up…*hangs head in shame*!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Oh Trisy you would love her!!

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