Radar Girls by Sara Ackerman . Review of a story about Women’s Air Raid Defense. #2021AudiobookChallenge


An extraordinary story inspired by the real Women’s Air Raid Defense, where an unlikely recruit and her sisters-in-arms forge their place in WWII history.Daisy Wilder prefers the company of horses to people, bare feet and salt water to high heels and society parties. Then, in the dizzying aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Daisy enlists in a top secret program, replacing male soldiers in a war zone for the first time. Under fear of imminent invasion, the WARDs guide pilots into blacked-out airstrips and track unidentified planes across Pacific skies.  

But not everyone thinks the women are up to the job, and the new recruits must rise above their differences and work side by side despite the resistance and heartache they meet along the way. With America’s future on the line, Daisy is determined to prove herself worthy. And with the man she’s falling for out on the front lines, she cannot fail. From radar towers on remote mountaintops to flooded bomb shelters, she’ll need her new team when the stakes are highest. Because the most important battles are fought—and won—together.

This inspiring and uplifting tale of pioneering, unsung heroines vividly transports the reader to wartime Hawaii, where one woman’s call to duty leads her to find courage, strength and sisterhood. 


Mini review

Short review for an engrossing book.

I love reading about WWII but so far had read nothing involving the war in the Pacific ocean.

Radar Girls is set in Hawaii amidstthe Pearl Harbor attack and the creation of the first Women’s Air Raid Defense (WARD).

The book centers around Daisy Wilder. At the beginning of the story, she is a real loner. Prefering the company of horses, needing her daily dose of ocean and nature, the war will propel her in a totally different position.
Following Pearl Harbor’s attack, she’ll be enrolled into a section composed of women only and charged to guide the pilots, detect possible attacks etc thanks to the radar technology.

In the beginning she is overwhelmed by the proximity with the other women. She is used to silence and loneliness but these ladies were very vocal and so different from Daisy.
But soon she’ll find incredible friendship among these women.

During hard times, Daisy will find satisfaction in her job, relishing being useful and capitalizing on her love of mathematics.

Throw some love story in the mix and you have a very interesting and enjoyable read!

I think Sara Ackerman did her research seriously and I truly loved learning about that side of the war history.
The friendships were heartwarming, the female character strong, smart and loyal and the pace was just right.

If you love WWII stories, I’d recommend this one!


Thanks for reading.



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11 Replies to “Radar Girls by Sara Ackerman . Review of a story about Women’s Air Raid Defense. #2021AudiobookChallenge”

  1. Sounds like a unique angle to approach a WWII story! Glad you enjoyed it, Sophie. 😀

  2. I’ve not read much WWII fiction set in Pearl Harbor so this one really intrigues me. Thanks for putting it on my radar. 🙂

    1. :-D)) I hope you’ll love it Suzanne

  3. I usually enjoy WW II historical fiction but don’t I’ve ever read anything set at Pearl Harbor. Interesting setting and this sounds like a good one!

  4. What a great review. I am SO going to B&N tomorrow and grabbing it! My grandfather was present during the pearl harbor attack, so its very personal for me, and I am fascinated by WWII and and love seeing the contributions that women made in the war.

    1. I find it fascinating when our grand parents were present at war times! My great grandmother had lived two wars and it was fascinating to listen to her stories!

  5. Stephanie - Bookfever says: Reply

    Well obviously I need to read this now. Yet another book for my wishlist!

  6. I like learning about women’s contributions during the war too.

    1. I think it as a turning point for women Sam!

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