Why as a true bookworm I ALWAYS buy more books ….without guilt! #discussion #humor

Hi friends,

Being on WordPress, Instagram and Goodreads I notice a common trend about us, bookworms: we ALWAYS buy more books! And sometimes we’ve been on such spree that we are forced to go on Book Ban! That’s a dreadful word that I loathe! Book ban? What’s that ridiculous word?

So I looked into this and wondered why, I, a rational and otherwise savvy woman was always buying more books even when my shelves were overflowing already.

I swear that I am the Becky Bloomwood of books! I don’t have a signature green scarf but rather a @storygift booksleeve LOL

So why do I always buy more books?

Let’s see:


1 Because I am curious

When I bought Wolfsong by TJ Klune, my first MM book, I wanted to read more about gay relationship. And when I read A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi I wanted to truly understand what being a young muslim in the US after 9/11 was like.

I am also very curious about the hype and I want to know with my own two eyes and brain what the fuss is about and if it’s deserved!


2 Because I love to learn

Queue in historical fiction like Ruta Sepetys or Kate Quinn or Ken Follett. I loved history in high school but I sometimes wonder what they taught us because I am always learning more in these reads!

Also books about gamers or athletes or artists are so far from my day to day world and hobbies that I learn new rules, new tricks (like rugbymen going into ice bath to heal their micro trauma faster), often interesting but sometimes totally random facts.


3 Because I have mood swings!

I can have overflowing shelves and I swear that day for that particular mood, I have nothing to read! What could I do but buy a new book right?


4. Because I love all that’s pretty!

And let’s face it some covers are so gorgeous they are irresistible! That’s a well known fact: the cover plays a major role in the buying process!


5. Because I love buddy reads!

And of course if a friend offers to buddy read a book that seems right up my alley I will agree and ..buy it! Sometimes I’ll buy the ebook and then if I love it, I’ll even buy the physical copy.


6. Because I have one click authors!

You know THAT author that you love reading no matter what! You don’t even read the blurb you just know that you’ll have a blast! That’s blind trust and of course you need that book! And you want to support authors too! They have to earn a living right?


7. Because I am weak and peer pressure is real!

PR companies and publishing houses have mastered that concept and that’s why they ask so many of us to feature their new babies. The more we see them, the more we hear others gush about it, the more we want to be IN!


So does this ring a bell? Anything we have in common? Or are you made of steel and can resist all this??? I forgot some reason maybe?

Thanks for reading!


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32 Replies to “Why as a true bookworm I ALWAYS buy more books ….without guilt! #discussion #humor”

  1. Book ban is a myth, Sophie!

    1. Isn’t that right??? LOL

  2. Bwahaha…absolutely, 100% agree! For example, I bought my first Sarah J Mass book, Crescent City bc of all the hype but loved it so much, I then bought the hardcover. And. Regret. Nothing. It’s a beautiful cover!! Fab post!

    1. I know! I have just read your review Trisy!!

  3. I love your gifs <3 And I don't want to admit it but I have bought books for almost every one of these reasons haha. Great list!

    1. Thank you Brittany!

  4. #3 is so me, lol. I could have 500 books sitting right in front of me and not be in the mood for any of them.

    1. :-))))))))))))))

  5. I never got the whole book ban thing, unless ofcourse you can’t afford to buy any, been there done that when I didn’t have much money to spare. But now that I can buy books again i regularly do so. I always seem to find a new author or new genre or a new mood that I have to buy new books for. Or a shiny book that catches my eye. Also buying books makes me happy, when I have a meh day or week buying books can do a bit to make me feel better. Greta post and well picked GIF’s!

    1. Thank you Lola!!! And I think it’s a therapy LOL

  6. I love this post! I buy way too many books too!

    1. Glad you recognize yourself Kayla!!!

      1. I’ve been trying to buy less this year!

  7. I love beautiful book covers y’all

  8. I’ve never understood feeling “guilty” over buying books. What’s to feel guilty about? Unless you’re spending your mortgage money on books, or starving your kids in order to get the latest new releases, no harm done! LOL And book bans? Perish the thought. THere is always room for more books.

  9. Hahahah it is indeed super hard to resist the temptation to get more books than we can ever handle. I also justify myself by explaining the awesome book deals that come with many of my purchases! It’s an investment, I tell ya! 😀

    1. That’s what i’ll tell my husband Lashaan: Oh honey, it’s an investment! LOL

  10. Yep this is ALL me lol I love all the books ….whether I want a good story, a pretty cover of just something to illuminate the mind and soul….its all beautiful. Books should be celebrated and bookworms are the best at appreciating what they offer.

    1. Exactly! And I just saw your summer covers so I completely understand LOL

  11. Oh, yeah, you described us all down to the last detail, Sophie. We are all this and so much more when it comes to buying, having, owning, fawning over books whatever the genre. We gotta have what we gotta have, right? 😉

    1. Exactly Alex!

  12. The bookworm Becky – I LOVE IT! My take on this is if you have the means and it makes you happy, buy the book. It really is that simple in my mind.

    1. Well I secretely share your opinion Sam but shhhhh

  13. Great post!.

    I buy some books as I have FOMO (i learnt that from my 10 year old, fear of missing out!!!) But I do feel guilty sometimes!

    1. I recently learned what FOMO means Caro!!!

      1. My son is a font of knowledge for all the slang….he has started calling me (and anyone else!) ‘bruv’ and it’s getting right on my wick!!!

  14. I’m a bookaholic, I cannot lie 🙂
    Great post, Sophie!

    1. Bwahahah most of us I think Jacquie!

  15. thebrowneyedbookworm says: Reply

    Sophie, you nailed those gifs!!! And yes, I love buying books, more than I can possibly read, but it feels good to surround myself with books.

    1. Exactly Corina! But I bet once you’ll be moved you’ll have to build your library …again!

  16. Great post. Love the gifs.

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